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Have you ever noticed that you have certain favorite spots in your home that seem to be more comfortable than other areas? Maybe it’s a quiet corner in your bedroom with a cozy chair. Or maybe it’s a well-worn spot on your living room couch. In all likelihood it’s not only a comfortable piece of furniture that draws you to a particular spot but, more importantly, the light that you experience when you’re in the space. The lights that we live with have a tremendous impact on how we feel and affect everything from our ability to relax, to mentally focus and even to get a good night’s sleep.   

All the light waves that we can perceive on the visible light spectrum, range from 380 wavelength-nanometers (nm), which is perceived by our eyes as purple or ultraviolet, to 780 nm which is perceived as a deep red or infrared. The spectrum of visible light waves perceived by our eyes have vastly different impacts on our bodies and minds.

At Light Attitude, we’ve designed a series of light fixtures and portable lamps that work to support healthier lifestyles. In creating all of the light designs, I first begin with the planned activity or the desired intention that the light source should support. I’ve created lights to support restorative sleep, mental clarity, feelings of calm, healing and even improved digestion.   

I hope you enjoy my highly functional lighting designs to support your healthy lifestyle!


Our Company

I spent most of my career working in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. I worked in corporate and executive communications and enjoyed my work, most of the time! I decided to start my own small business designing quality, hand-made lighting products that support healthy living. I’ve always believed that the lighting we surround ourselves with affects us deeply–in positive and not so positive ways. I have a small studio on the San Francisco Peninsula and offices in San Francisco. The first lamp I’ve designed is our bedside table lamp, Dream Sleep. There are additional lighting products in design around enhancing mental clarity, supporting digestion, and helping us to unwind and relax. Thanks for checking us out!

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Beth Markus

Owner and Lead Designer

Lizzy Lukrich


Gerry Lau

Production & Assembly

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