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Dream Sleep bedside table lamp

Designed from the bottom up with your best sleep in mind.

Our Dream Sleep bedside table lamp was created to help you get your best sleep. All of the materials used in the construction of the lamp are organic and sustainable.

Starting with the shade, the botanical prints on every shade are done with a process called eco-printing. We print with actual flowers and leaves directly onto 100% organic cotton fabric. All the plants are responsibly harvested from the San Francisco Bay Area. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Water from the live-giving Pacific Ocean is also incorporated into each design. The shade has a patent-pending gel liner that blocks out the majority of blue light waves so your eyes are not exposed to stimulating blue light waves just before bed and your body’s (natural) release of melatonin is supported and not interrupted.

The lamp’s 100% solid wood base is enhanced with a soy-based stain and then hand-rubbed with linseed oil (does not contain VOC or solvents). 

All lamps use a standard LED bulb.

Every lamp is hand signed by the designer.

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