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F.A.I.P. Chalkware Lamp 1960’s ‘Atomic Age’ Decoration


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Ceramic lamp by FAIP, circa 1960.


Height from base to top of lamp: 14.5″

Circumference (widest point): 18.5″

Metal base: 4.75″

Chalkware Lamp Attributed to Frederick Weinberg for F.A.I.P.

A textured and decorated 1960’s ceramic table lamp attributed to Frederick Weinberg for F.A.I.P. The acronym F.A.I.P. stands for Fine Arts In Plaster, a company in Brooklyn, NY that produced lighting and other objects using fired plaster/chalkware. The lamp has ‘Atomic Age’ decoration and colors with organic details that are a nod to the patterns created by Alexander Girard. Colors are teal and Golden Brown, pot bellied style. Base of the lamp has the engraved copyright F.A.I.P.


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